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Corodex Marine


Marine Products and Services Program


  • Marine chemicals for Treatment & cleaning.
  • Dosing systems for chemicals (Manual and Automatic).
  • Equipment and cleaners for Tanks & Cargo holds.
  • Oil spill dispersants and OSD Kits.
  • Test Kits for Potable Water & Sewage.
  • Electronic water & sewage Test EC-Prime lab photometer.
  • Chemical cleaning (Boilers, Air coolers, Heater).
  • Fuel and lube oil Test Kits.
  • Wall wash test Kits.
  • Reverse Osmosis - sewage systems & treatment.
  • Gases, welding & cutting equipments.
  • Electrodes & consumables.
  • Refrigerants.
  • Span gases & Gas detectors.
  • Pickling and passivation.
  • World wide network.

Complete Range of Marine Products and Services

  • Boiler Water Treatment. Conventional and combined water treatment.
  • Cooling water treatment. Closed & Open systems.
  • Seawater, Antifouling and Anticorrosion Treatments.
  • Test Kits. Potable water. Fuel and Lube oil.
  • Fuel Oil Treatment. Lubricity and Combustion improver/F.O. Dispersants.
  • Tank Cleaners.
  • Oil Spill Dispersants. Decarbonizers, Environmental friendly products.
  • Rust Converter. Metal surface pretreatment application.
  • Anti Corrosion Coatings. So­ coating for ballast tank, void spaces.
  • Specialty Treatments. For Reverse Osmosis and Potable water treatment.
  • Hydro testing. Corrosion and biological growth treatment.
  • Sewage Treatment. Chemicals and test kits.
  • General Maintenance. Descaling, Rust remover, Degreaser etc.
  • Dosing systems. Boilers, Cooling system, Seawater cooling treatment.
  • Cargo hold barrier. Special coating barrier for cargo hold.
  • Cargo hold cleaning products and equipments.
  • Tank Coatings.
  • Long life hard coatings for steam pipes, Cargo Hold and chemical tanks and especially potable water tanks.
  • Firefighting products and services.
  • Welding and cutting tools, welding and cutting gases.
  • Refrigerants and refrigeration equipment, Pumps and spare parts.
  • Eco-acid products. Replacement of conventional acidic products.
  • Aquaquick. The most environmental degreasers.

Avesta products cover all steps in post-welding and surface treatment of stainless steel.

  • Pre cleaning.
  • Pickling and Passivation.
  • S.S. Specialty Chemicals.

Eflochem Selected effective water treatment program for industries

Eflochem offers a complete specialized program to treat and protect District Cooling systems against corrosion, Scale, Fouling and microbiological growth.

  • Quality boiler water treatment chemicals backed up by a qualified service team.
  • Enviromentally safe chemistry programs.
  • Programs for all water based industrial processes and systems.
  • Boiler water treatment programs incorporated inorganic and organic based products to eliminate scale, deposits and corrosion.
  • Effective Water treatment Programs to maximize efficiencies and minimize total cost of operation.

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