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Corodex Marine


Advanced Wastewater Solutions for the Marine and Offshore Market

ACO Marine is a member of the international ACO Group with a sales and service network world-wide. Their unique environmental solutions are used primarily in wastewater technology, wastewater management and drainage systems. The wide range of products includes advanced membrane bioreactor systems, conventional extended aeration with ‘bio-sword’ filtration sewage treatment plants, push-fit pipe systems in both stainless and galvanised steel and fully automated high capacity grease separators.

ACO Marine develops in-house solutions from its ISO 9001 accredited production facilities, all of which are located entirely within the EU.

The Main Features of the Aco Marine Product Range Are:

  • Environmental system concepts
  • High performance standard according to the very latest standards and legislation
  • Reliability
  • Quality Management are certified to ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008 & EC MED Module D
  • Innovative technologies
  • Flexible and adaptive approach to bespoke solutions
  • Recognised technologies, certified and installed worldwide on all vessel types

As a reliable partner, ACO Marine provides competence, quality and a high level of effectiveness in environmental shipbuilding worldwide - from initial design through to final handover and through-life support of the product.

A Strong Global Partner

ACO products represent ongoing professional development, design and operation of advanced wastewater system solutions and management.

The 3500 members of the international ACO family, based in over 40 countries, with 26 production sites, generate a turnover in excess of 1 billion USD. Optimism is high, as the ACO Group is extremely well positioned as a quality and innovation leader in the growth markets of the 21st century.

Not All Our Products are as Eye-catching as Our Luxury Yacht Polished Scuppers.

ACO products are developed and designed to function reliably, year after year, even though their presence goes largely unnoticed.

At ACO Marine, we strive for perfection in every detail. After all, even products of the highest quality can always be improved. Our engineers operate ongoing research and development programmes striving for innovation and enhancements to all aspects of projects - no matter how large or small.

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