Emergency Escape Breathing Device


15 Minutes (EEBD)

The NE&AR guard Emergency Escape Breathing Device allows safe, effective escape from hazardous environments. Simple to put on and
featuring practically automatic operation, this hood-based, positive pressure breathing device can be used with minimal training.

Experience with emergency situation

In emergency situations, conditions can deteriorate rapidly. The air is suddenly filled with smoke or toxic fumes and rapid escape is the only
available option. The NEAR guard was designed to be suitable even for people with spectacles or facial hair. When opened, the Near
guard is automatically activated and begins feeding a continuous supply of breathing air. The NEAR guard gives the wearer the precious
additional time needed to exit the area safety.

Up to 15 minutes of lifesaving air

The NEAR guard utilizes a simple, fail-safe reducer system with excellent flow characteristics, providing a consistent rate of air ow until
the cylinder is completely empty. An alarm whistle sounds before the air supply is exhausted. NEAR guard equipped with 3lt aluminium
cylinder can hold 15 minute supply of air. The ame reterdant hood incorporates a large visor for maximum peripheral vision.

Worry-Free service

The NEAR guard hood's elastic neck seal, resistance to the effects of high temperatures, ozone and diesel fumes, which are often found
in places such as engine rooms. This translates to year of reliable, worry-free service even under adverse conditions.

Low Maintenance

The NEAR guard requires very little service and maintenance. A transparent window lets you check the cylinder pressure gauge
easily without unpacking the unit.

Features and Benenifts


  •  Meet SOLAS requirements and EN 1146 - ISO 23269
  •  Light and compact
  •  Simple to use, easy training
  •  Fast automatic starting
  • 15 minutes air supply
  •  High visibility outer bag and hood for added safety
  •  Alarm whistle sounds before the air supply exhausted
  •  Harness, inner mask, and neck seal for increased tightness
  •  Exhalation valve minimizes visor misting and CO2 accumulation
  •  Cylinder pressure indicator for simple visual check




 Cleaning Agent

Special cleaning spray for all EC test equipment


The Eflochem Cleaning agent is a non-classied, water-free cleaner for all Eflochem test devices. Eflochem by using Reamar cleaning agent
the test devices are cleaned in a most mild way and helping the operator to keep the equipment operational at all times.
Following the hints provided in the instructions for cleaning the test equipment will help the user to make the devices a long lasting tool for the
oil management on site.


* Compatible with all competitors products


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 Corodex Rust Converter

Corodex Rust Converter is the solution in fighting rust at early stages and at same time creating a neutral surface ready for coating, saving primer cost and, extending the life of the coating at least 3 times more than usual. Rust Converter is a single component product based on Tannin and latex combination with additional antirust raw materials and can be applied by brush, roller or spray.
Rust Converter reacts with the iron oxide surface and a metallo-organic inert layer is formed neutralizing the existing rust and also protecting against formation of new rust.

The chemical reaction is obvious on the surface as the product color when applied is white and after 20-30 minutes the surface area color converts to dark blue. Upon having the dark blue color It is confirmed that the chemical reaction is done and after some time (depending on temperature) final coating can be applied on top without using any other primer.

Using Rust Converter there are not only economic benefits (especially on large areas) as applying rate is 1ltr:20 sq mtr but also saving and avoiding standard sand blasting. In the event of using Rust Converter is only required high pressure and removal of loose scale or brush blasting, so in technical terms SA-1 is acceptable for using rust converter/while ST 2½ is in need for any other primers and coatings procedures. Most types of paints can be applied on top of rust converter like alkyd, chlorinated, rubber, epoxy, polyurethane, vinyl or water based products at No problem.




 Ballast Water


Water means life and healthy clean water means healthy life. Even if we are talking about drinking water or washing water or Sea water, we are still talking about healthy life.  uman body consists of 75% of water.

Ships around the world use (drinking / washing water) or carry (ballast) water from different ports. Every port especially in areas where clean water is an issue has different specs. As an example potable water supplied in Nigeria is totally different than water supplied in Rotterdam.

The same for Ballast sea water taken in Nigeria or Argentina rivers and carried de-ballast in Rotterdam or Houston carries different specimen or bacteria which results in contamination of existing local nature waters.




 Water Technologies Components


Corodex’s line of products include the full range of all water treatment components such as membranes, filters, pumps, fittings and RO components.




 PWT Manual Kit



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