EC-Prime Lab Test Kit. A Step ahead in testing

EC-Prime Lab

Eflochem Marine in cooperation with German partner has prepared the new accurate and reliable way of testing on board of the ships using a spectrophotometer which is able to easily test and at same time report – keep records and send ( Internet –blue tooth conncetion ) daily logs/reports to Technical office as well as C/E files.
The kit can test all parameters requested for Boiler water treatment - Cooling water treatment - Bacteria for water and fuel as well as Potable water and sewage as per latest requirement of IMO. Kit will include by end of this year the latest requirements for ballast water checking.
The best out of the Kit is not only that easily is guiding the C/E to follow the tests but also includes reagents for almost a year, so the headache of purchasing and vsl about reagents not been available world wide is eliminated. Replacement complete kit for a year is available at all major ports and in any case we can send it world wide as our reagents are tablets with long expiring dates and non ADR requirements.

" a truly innovative device Made in Germany. Learn more about Primelab 1.0 by visiting



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 EC-Prime Lab DNV Conformity

DNV Letter

Ec-Prime Lab has awarded a letter of conformity from DNV that comply with the requirements of MARPOL, WHO guidelines.
See attached the copy of the conformity letter .





Ec-Prime Lab can include LEGIONELLA testing and reporting within 1 Hour .The new test which can be added on any EC prime lab is using the patented immuno-magnetic method which is recognized as the most accurate one in testing. More details will follow on this subject .




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